Have you heard about Venus (XVS)? In the conventional finance scheme, users must go through a slew of procedures in order to obtain a loan, from KYC systems to credit background checks and days or weeks of waiting for confirmation. Furthermore, the centralized provider has the discretion to refuse you a loan at any time. Not to mention the vulnerability issues posed by centralized platforms due to their single point of failure.

DeFi, for its part, has transformed the crypto field by offering blockchain-based goods and services that are open, cryptographically stable, and independent of third-party authorities/decision-makers. However, there is…

Since the launch last year, the Balancer project has proven its mettle. (in case you have missed our first review on BAL back in July 2020, read it here first) It has been running smoothly and its idea of solving the liquidity crisis has resonated well with the investors. The project has also been promptly delivering on its promises and has already launched a line of products that are well received by traders and even other innovative projects operating in the DeFi market.

As of January 2021, Balancer boasts of having $921.4 million of Total Value Locked, a $9.5 billion…

If you’re only getting involved in the cryptocurrency industry, it can be very difficult. You’re unfamiliar with anything tied to it and swirling around it. Are you going to use an online crypto wallet or a hardware wallet? All of the public and private key emails, which you must also search during transactions and should not lose!

The first moment you have to struggle with gas prices, and in any situation, working out a trade and how to live with it.

Then there are all the various blockchains, because if you send the coins from one blockchain to the incorrect…

The blockchain is strongly bound to smart contracts. The most noticeable use of blockchain is as a digital money. This explains why there are so many cryptocurrencies, as well as why Bitcoin is so famous. However, the roles are limitless since blockchain allows for the development of smart contracts. What are smart contracts, exactly? And what are all those almost limitless possibilities? This post explains it in depth.

What exactly are smart contracts?

To begin this overview of smart contracts, it is useful to know the precise definition:

“A smart contract (smart contract) is a programmed contract whose agreements are stored in machine code on…

NFT is an acronym for non-fungible token. In economics, a fungible commodity is anything with easily interchangeable units, such as currency. With currency, you may trade a £10 note for two £5 notes and the amount would remain the same. However, if anything is non-fungible, this is impossible; it has specific properties that prevent it from being interchanged with anything similar. It may be a building or a one-of-a-kind drawing, such as the Mona Lisa. You may photograph the painting or order a print, but there will only ever be one original painting.

Artwork may be “tokenized” with NFTs to…

You might be curious whether there are any valid grounds for a government to outlaw cryptocurrency. It’s not uncommon to read in the press that banks are displeased with the advent of cryptocurrencies. Banks are run by states, but there may be many grounds for a nation to exclude them.

Several nations have now prohibited the use of cryptocurrency. We are able to explain why certain countries are doing this and what other grounds there might be for a nation to prohibit cryptocurrency.

Reasons for a government to outlaw cryptocurrency

A nation can want to ban cryptocurrency for a variety of reasons. However, the most significant reasons…

With the latest surge of enthusiasm in decentralized finance (DeFi), decentralized trading networks have grown in popularity as a way to trading crypto products and receive a residual income.

DeFi protocols such as Balancer, an automated market maker (AMM) that has seen a massive increase in demand due to a range of revolutionary features that set it apart from the competition, are powering these decentralized markets. BAL, the governance token, was able to skyrocket shortly after Compound and garnered a lot of interest. Balancer, unlike Compound or Aave, is a form of decentralized trading (DEX), an electronic market creator (AMM).

Non-fungible tokens were all the rage in 2021, and the market has expanded rapidly in recent months. From March 7 to March 13th, 2021, the word “NFT” was checked on Google in the United States at an all-time peak, hitting 100 on Google Trends (GT). According to today’s GT results, queries for NFTs fell to 92 the following week and 95 the week before that in the United States.

On Google, worldwide searches for the word “NFT” dropped from 100 to 95. China is the largest subregion in the world looking for “NFT” on Google. Uganda, Canada, Singapore, and the…

Looking back, it’s difficult to believe that Bitcoin (BTC) was once worth just a dollar. Nonetheless, this was the case in February 2011. In reaction to the collapsing banking structure that is continually prone to inflation, Satoshi Nakamoto launched blockchain technology and Bitcoin as the first cryptocurrency. This is somewhat consistent with Western economies, but when we consider the hyperinflation in countries such as Venezuela, we can begin to strongly doubt fiat money. Not only has Bitcoin’s worth and prominence skyrocketed in the last year, but it is now widely being used as a store of value. Why is this…

What did our members learn after making more than +1,000% of profit in cryptocurrency?

If you’re going to ask them, I bet, a lot.

They’ve learned how to position themselves as “smart” investors regardless of the market’s condition.

They’ve learned about the different investments that we personally picked to help them get the same results we had projected.

Above all, they’ve learned how to invest in crypto from a value perspective and now they know how it works allowing them to make bigger gains even in bearish markets.

In this article, we show you exactly how we got proven results…

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